South Park’tan Hz. Muhammed ‘e Hakaret

In the western part of South Park, with the motive of a group of American Muslims, Hz. Muhammad words “biplendi” and the same chapter was published with the censorship band.

South Park replaced Santa Claus’s bear with a costumed appearance instead of Muhammad’s bear-sized image, which was released last week.

Death threats were effective
A group of radical Muslims were threatened to avenge their producers of the American animated series “South Park” because they described the Prophet Muhammad as wearing a bear costume.

The website, which was being broadcasted, was immediately shut down, but “South Park” producers still can be seen in the cache version of the threat site for Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

The writer who signed under the written threat and introduced himself as New Yorker Ebu Talhah El-Amrikee said that the producers “clearly insulted” the prosecutor.

The site also has an appalling photograph of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, who was shot in the streets of Amsterdam in 2004 by a fanatical fanatic of film-makers about Muslim women and then stabbed to death.

The Filmin script was written by a Muslim woman who advocates that Prophet Muhammad can not guide the understanding of today’s morality.

In a threatening message to El Amrike, “We need to warn Matt and Trey that the last thing they will probably be like Theo Van Gogh is because they are publishing this episode, warning that what they are doing is stupid. This is not a threat, but a warning about what you can do to your head. ”

Also on the site are the addresses of Parker and Scott in New York, as well as Comedy Central, the makers of business in California and the program.

The famous comedy show, which never missed the opportunity to make fun of religions, had previously pushed Jesus into porn and buddha while taking cocaine.

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